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1 month of free access to the application, follow-up and weekly telephone sessions + a personal report with insight into how your lifestyle affects your condition. And this without any obligation: we do not ask for a credit card or other payment details.

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You can now try the Syndo program completely free for 1 month. Moreover, Syndo also gives you a free personal assessment to help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle. After this you can decide without obligation whether you would like to continue the help of Syndo. So you can choose the formula that suits you best.

Our app is packed with useful information and tips, and you can download it completely free of charge on your smartphone or tablet. Would you like more peace of mind through careful follow-up and professional guidance? Then we offer three paying options. All of our packages can be discontinued at any time. There is no long term contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our different packages or would you like to speak to one of our Syndo coaches first? Feel free to contact us by sending an email to or let us know when we can call you via this link.

How can I download the Syndo app?
You can download the Syndo app for free. If you have an Apple smartphone or tablet (eg iPhone or iPad) you can do this via the Apple Store. For all other devices (Android) you can find the Syndo app in the Google Play store.
How long does the trial period last?
You can now temporarily try the monthly Syndo program for a period of 1 month. Afterwards you can decide to continue with just the application or choose one of our paying formulas.
What does the guidance look like? What can I expect?

With the help of a handy application on your smartphone and a team of certified nurses, we are happy to help you get your condition fully under control. We will do this by giving you the correct scientific information, by giving you and your doctor insight into the evolution of your most important parameters, and by helping you adjust your lifestyle step-by-step.

o The Syndo program consists of 3 parts:

  • Access to the Syndo application
  • Daily follow-up of your measurements
  • Weekly conversation with a Syndo coach

o After 1 month you will also receive a report with insight into how your lifestyle affects your condition

What can I expect from the Syndo application?

This application is available on iOS and Android and includes:

  • Scientific background of your condition and medication
  • Daily tips, recommended by cardiologists, to manage your condition (eg, prescriptions for heart patients)
  • Helps you remember when to take which pills
  • Entry and overview of your daily measurements
What does the monitoring feature exactly entail?
  • By regularly monitoring the evolution of your blood pressure, body weight and exercise, we can map out the health of your heart. To properly perform these measurements you only need a scale, blood pressure monitor and pedometer.
  • Furthermore, you will be contacted by Syndo if a parameter (weight, heart rate, blood pressure) deviates from the normal values. Together we will then determine whether it is necessary to contact a doctor based on the symptoms present.
Who is the Syndo coach?

The Syndo coach is a nurse specialized in your condition and an expert in guiding people to a new lifestyle. Your coach follows you up personally during the course of the program.

Why can I try Syndo completely free of charge?

We are working on securing reimbursement by the government. This requires that we prove that our e-health solution works. We therefore need as many patients as possible participating in our program.

How can I cancel the Syndo program?

You can cancel the Syndo program at any time. There are no long-term contracts or purchase obligations.

How long do the coaching sessions last?

The weekly or monthly session with your personal Syndo coach normally lasts 30 to 45 minutes each. You don’t have that much time? No problem, your Syndo coach will adapt to your needs and the sessions will be shortened.

When do the coaching sessions take place?

Together with your Syndo coach you will determine the ideal moment for your weekly or monthly telephone calls. So you can choose when it suits you best.

Can I discuss this with my cardiologist or doctor first?
Of course! We even recommend that you discuss the Syndo program in detail with your physician or cardiologist. If desired, you can also briefly call one of our coaches prior to your next consultation.

Just contact us at or let us know via this link when we can call you.

Can I use my own devices?

Yes. If you do not have a scale, blood pressure monitor or pedometer yourself, you can also obtain them via Syndo. These Syndo devices automatically connect to the Syndo application via Bluetooth making entering the measurements even easier.

As mentioned, Syndo Health offers these devices completely optional:

The Syndo program for a family member or acquaintance?
Do you think the Syndo program could be something for a family member or acquaintance? Just contact us at or let us know via this link when we can call you for more information and help with registering and onboarding a third party.
Interested as a doctor or cardiologist?
Are you a doctor or cardiologist and would you like more information about the Syndo program and how you can monitor and guide your patients even better? Please contact us at or let us know via this link when we can call you.

The coach offers a watchful eye and you can get immediately started with the advice you get. You feel more confident. The Syndo app also gives tips with useful information that I didn’t know yet, such as when you best take your medication.

Louis Van Den Brant

Thanks to the Syndo app you get to know your body better and you feel more relaxed. Your lifestyle changes gradually, you pay more attention to your diet, and you exercise more. You can also contact the coach directly with your questions so that you do not have to go to the doctor for everything.

Johan Dhaese

As a recognized e-health solution, the Syndo app ensures better compliance to my treatments and leads to less stress among the patients I supervise. The patient satisfaction is greater, which makes me satisfied as a physician.

Dr. Peter Peytchev

Trial Period

1 Month Free Trial

The application, follow-up & weekly telephone sessions are completely free during the first month! And this without any obligation: we do not ask for a credit card or other payment details.


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