Support your patients towards a new lifestyle with Syndo

Thanks to the government-supported Syndo program, your patient is guided towards carefully following your recommendations and needed lifestyle adjustments.



Patients that are overweight, have high blood pressure, suffer from heart failure, or that are recovering from a heart attack often do not know how to adjust their lifestyle to their new health situation. Lifestyle, however, has a tremendous impact on one’s health.


During a consultation, a patient receives a lot of expert advice. However, putting that advice into practice is not always that easy. Unfortunately, time and resources are often lacking for a close follow-up of each patient (adherence, diet, exercise, etc.).


Because many patients struggle to adjust their lifestyles, fail to follow their treatment or recognize (too late) important symptoms of their pathology, a large number of them are often re-hospitalized quickly.

What is Syndo?

The Syndo program provides additional support for your patient through an app and personal guidance delivered remotely by a certified nurse.


– Scientific background about the condition and medication

– Reminds the patient of your prescribed medical treatment

– Vitals are accurately monitored digitally.

– Daily tips, recommended by cardiologist


– Our Syndo coaches are certified nurses

– Experts in guiding people towards a healthy lifestyle.

– Weekly counseling sessions by telephone

Doctor Can

– A patient’s treating doctor and / or cardiologist have direct access to the patient’s data via our secure dashboard.

–  Easy integration with your existing data systems


For You

  • The patient continues to learn at home and adheres better to his prescribed treatment.
  • The Syndo coach works with the patient on his lifestyle and thus avoids (re)hospitalizations.
  • Based on tracked data, you gain more insight into the impact of the treatment.
  • Syndo checks any alarms in advance, so that only “real” alarms reach you or your team.
  • It is a first step towards a more digital healthcare system with changing reimbursement.
For Your Patient
  • Anxiety and stress are reduced because of reassurance through constant monitoring.
  • The patient learns how to recognize symptoms and how to deal with them.
  • The patient is guided in carefully adhering to the prescribed treatment and medication.
  • A personal coach provides support for the necessary behavioural change.
  • Improved quality of life and increased patient satisfaction.

How Does It Work?

Step 1


Register as a doctor and create an account in a few simple steps that gives access to your personal dashboard. You can register via this link.

Step 2

Prescribe Syndo

In your personal dashboard you can easily create a prescription for the Syndo program.

Step 3

Patient Installs Syndo

Your patient easily activates your prescription by downloading the app and scanning the QR code on the prescription form. The patient’s data will automatically be visible in your dashboard.

Step 4

Introductory Conversation

One of our certified nurses contact the patient by telephone. He or she will support and motivate the patient to carefully adhere to your prescribed treatment.

Step 5

You will be notified when abnormal measurements occur

If the patients vitals (heart rate, blood pressure, weight) exceed a critical limit, you as a doctor will be informed. In your dashboard, you can also change the parameters on when you wanted to be contacted.

Step 6

Easily consult the data

The concerned physician can easily consult all historical data of the patient at any time via his or her personal dashboard.

Stap 7

Free trial period

Syndo offers each patient a free trial period to get them started on the road to a healthier lifestyle:

– 1 month free access to the application, follow-up and weekly telephone sessions

– A personal report with insights into how a patient’s lifestyle affects the condition.

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Recognized by the Federal Government

The Syndo program is recognized by the federal government (mHealthBelgium)

Our devices and applications all have the CE marking for medical devices. 


The Syndo program is currently demonstrating its socio-economic added value in the mHealth validation pyramid (M3 criteria) in order to be eligible for reimbursement by the government.

That is why we need as many patients as possible who want to participate in the program.

Piggybank with coins

The coach offers a watchful eye and you can get immediately started with the advice you get. You feel more confident. The Syndo app also gives tips with useful information that I didn’t know yet, such as when you best take your medication.

Louis Van Den Brant

Thanks to the Syndo app you get to know your body better and you feel more relaxed. Your lifestyle changes gradually, you pay more attention to your diet, and you exercise more. You can also contact the coach directly with your questions so that you do not have to go to the doctor for everything.

Johan Dhaese

As a recognized e-health solution, the Syndo app ensures better compliance to my treatments and leads to less stress among the patients I supervise. The patient satisfaction is greater, which makes me satisfied as a physician.

Dr. Peter Peytchev

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