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Heart failure is a chronic disease and has consequences for your daily life. For example, many patients experience shortness of breath and have a constant fear of a heart attack or other complication. But thanks to the Syndo program, you can once again enjoy life with peace of mind.

Heart failure?

Can I still enjoy life when suffering from heart failure?

Heart failure is a chronic disease in which your heart works less well. The heart muscle is weakened and this means that less blood is pumped around in the body. Due to the symptoms of heart failure (fatigue, reduced exercise capacity, shortness of breath, etc.), patients are usually limited in their physical and daily activities. In addition, the fear of a heart attack often causes a further decline in the quality of life, and can sometimes even lead to depression. Body weight is key indicator and influencer of potential incidents, and needs to be managed and tracked closely.

How to live with heart failure?

People with heart failure can still enjoy life. However, it requires lifestyle adjustments:


Eat less saturated fats and be careful with the use of salt. In most cases, avoidance of alcohol is advised.


Being overweight puts an extra load on the heart. In addition to a healthy diet, exercise helps control your weight.


Stress can increase blood pressure and should be avoided in case of heart failure. Learn to handle tension and avoid stressful situations.  

Syndo. Helps You Enjoy Life Again

The Syndo app is packed with useful tips, exercises, recipes, and more. Your weight, blood pressure, and heart rate are closely monitored, and you are automatically notified if deviations in your vitals occur. Finally, you will be assigned a personal Syndo coach. This certified nurse will help you adjust your lifestyle step by step during your weekly or monthly telephone sessions.

Syndo Programma

Useful information

The Syndo app is packed with useful information, including medical information about the disease, useful tips for living with heart failure, delicious and healthy recipes, answers to frequently asked questions, and much more. You can download the Syndo app for free for your smartphone or tablet in the Google Play or the Apple App store.

Close Monitoring

You can easily connect the Syndo app to a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, and scale. This way you can easily follow the evolution of your measurements. In addition, an alarm is triggered if deviations occur and you are automatically reminded of your medication timings and correct administration.

Personal coaching

Your personal Syndo coach helps you adjust your lifestyle step by step. You will look at your measurements and evolution together, discuss your diet and exercise, go through all your questions, and help you make the adjustments needed to fully enjoy life again.
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Recognize The Signals

Heart failure is a chronic disease and is usually caused by other cardiovascular diseases or in case of long-term high blood pressure.

Signs that may indicate heart failure include long-term fatigue, shortness of breath, or fluid retention in the body.

Although the first two signals are fairly easy to determine, it is slightly more difficult to recognize whether your body is retaining fluid.

Gaining several pounds in a few days, a bloated stomach, less appetite, urinating several times at night, and thick ankles or feet may be an indication.

Do you recognize one or more of these signals? Then contact your doctor.

A New Balance

Living with heart failure does not mean that you can no longer do anything and therefore cannot enjoy life.

With the right lifestyle adjustments, you can still do the things you love (cycling, playing with grandchildren, etc), but you will have to find a new balance between rest and activity.

You have to learn to be more careful with your energy, accept certain restrictions, and take your time for a number of things. Your Syndo coach can help you find this new balance step by step.

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