Guidance Towards A Lifestyle For A Healthy Heart

Lifestyle is by far the most important factor affecting people’s health.
However, doctors and patients do not have enough tools to support patients in this. Syndo Health now makes this possible.

Our Mission?

Better Quality of Life

Syndo’s mission is to enable chronic patients to deal with their condition in the best possible way. Guiding a healthy lifestyle as part of the treatment is central to this. In this way Syndo tries to improve the quality of life of the chronically ill and to reduce the costs for health care.

The Syndo Story

Syndo Health was founded in 2018 by Carevolution (the Partena investment fund) that focuses on innovative ways to meet the challenges in healthcare of the future.

After all, 80% of the European healthcare budget goes to the chronically ill and various technologies are currently in place to keep healthcare affordable, while improving the quality of care.

Self-care solutions such as Syndo Health not only ensure a longer and healthier life, they also make healthcare cheaper because there is less pressure on the social care system.

Various partners are participating in Syndo.

The Syndo management consists of experienced entrepreneurs, who are assisted by cardiologists, experts and people with many years of experience in the health care system in Belgium.

Digital technology can help to more accurately follow up and treat the leading cause of death in Belgium, cardiovascular diseases. On top, it can give patients a longer and more comfortable life. Maintaining the necessary lifestyle adjustments is often difficult, but thanks to personal guidance and coaching, the patient remains motivated.
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CEO, Syndo Health














Certified Professionals

Syndo is a 100% Belgian company with headquarters in Brussels.

Our team consists of a group of certified Flemish and French-speaking nurses who are passionate about the possibilities of digital technology for healthcare.

Every day, this team of experts is ready to assist people with heart conditions or chronic diseases and guides them to a healthier and more relaxed life.

Dr. Peter Peytchev

Developed With Cardiologists

The Syndo program has been developed in collaboration with Belgian cardiologists.

Dr. Peter Peytchev is one of those experts that was at the basis of the program. Dr. Peytchev continues to play an active role in the vision and further development of Syndo Health today.

Syndo also owes its success to the innovative attitude of the O.L.V. Hospital in Aalst, which was immediately enthusiastic to test this new technology on its patients. The rapid and positive results ensured that the Syndo program was quickly adopted by doctors and hospitals across the country.

Supported By The Government

Syndo has the support of the Belgian federal government and mHealthBelgium. Our application is currently in the process of being approved as a medical device in order to be eligible for reimbursement by the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (INAMI / INAMI).

Is your data safe?

Syndo considers it very important that their customers’ data is safe. For example, Syndo is fully GDPR compliant and we regularly subject ourselves to security audits.

Furthermore, Syndo has also obtained the CE mark as a medical device.

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